Sig Abbreviations

The "Sig" is the directions to follow by the provider to the patient for a given medication. Below are listed the most common abbreviations that are used in the Sig. "Sig" is an abbreviation for the Latin word "signetur," which means "let it be labeled."

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Sig Code Explanation
AAA apply to affected area
ac before meals
ad right ear
am morning, in the morning, before noon
amp ampule or ampul
amp ampicillin
APAP acetaminophen
aq aqueous (water)
as left ear
au each ear, both ears
AUD apply as directed
bid or b.i.d. twice a day
BOT bottle
BP blood pressure
c with
C or c 100 (roman numeral)
cap capsule
cc cubic centimeter (1 cc = 1 mL)
cf with food
CF cough formula or cold formula
cm centimeter
CPM chlorpheniramine
cr cream
CR controlled release
cre cream
D or d 500 (roman numeral)
D/C or d/c discontinue
DA delayed action
DAW dispense as written
dc or d/c discontinue
DC diagnosis code
dil dilute, dissolve
disp dispense
dL deciliter
DM dextromethorphan
DR delayed release
DS double strength
DV daily value
EC or e.c. enteric coated
ECT enteric-coated tablet
ER extended release
fl fluid
fl oz fluid ounce
ft foot, feet
g gram
gal gallon
GG guaifenesin
GGPE guaifenesin/phenylephrine
gm gram
gr grain
gtt drop
h or hr hour
H2O water
HA headache
HBP high blood pressure
HC hydrocodone or hydrocortisone
HCT hydrochlorothiazide
HCTZ hydrochlorothiazide
hs at bedtime
ht height
HT or HTN hypertension
I or i 1 (roman numeral)
IM intramuscular
in inch
inh inhalation
INH isoniazid
inj injection
IR immediate release
IT or ITCH itching
IU or I.U. international unit
IV intravenous
K Potassium
KCl or KCL Potassium Chloride
kg kilogram
L or l liter
L or l 50 (roman numeral)
LA long-acting
lb pound
liq liquid
lot lotion
m meter
M or m 1,000 (roman numeral)
square meters or meters squared
mcg microgram
mcL microliter
MDI metered dose inhaler
MDP Medrol Dose Pack
mEq milliequivalent
Mg or Mag Magnesium
mg milligram
mg/dL milligrams (mg) of substance per deciliter (dL) of blood
mL milliliter
mm Hg millimeters of mercury (measure of blood pressure)
MTX methotrexate
MVI Multi-Vitamins or multiple vitamins
N/A or n/a not available
N&V or N/V nausea and vomiting
NA nausea
Na Sodium
NaCl Sodium Chloride (salt)
NaHCO3 sodium bicarbonate
NDC national drug code
NEB or neb nebulizer
No. or no. number
Nos. or nos. numbers
noct night, at night
NPH N insulin (an intermediate-acting insulin)
NPH N insulin (Humulin N or Novolin N)
NPI National Provider Identifier
npo nothing by mouth
NR or N.R. no refill
NRF no refill
NS nasal spray
NS normal saline (0.9% sodium chloride)
NTG nitroglycerin
NV nausea and vomiting
od right eye
ODT orally disintegrating tablet
oint ointment
OP or OPH ophthalmic
OPHT or OPHTH ophthalmic
os left eye
OTC over the counter
ou each eye, both eyes
oz ounce
PA prior authorization
PB or Pb phenobarbital
pc after meals
PCN penicillin
pct percent or percentage
PD pediatric drop
PED pediatric
PEG polyethylene glycol (a laxative)
per by or through
pH a measure of how acidic or basic a substance is
pkd packaged
pkg package
pkt packet
pm evening, in the evening, after noon
PMS premenstrual syndrome
PNV prenatal vitamins
po by mouth
pp postprandial (after eating)
PR per rectum, by rectum
prn as needed
PSE pseudoephedrine
pt pint
pt or pt. patient
PTU propylthiouracil
q every, each
qam every morning
qd every day, each day, daily
qdam every day in the morning
qd pm every day in the evening
qh every hour
q12h every 12 hours
q2-3h every two to three hours
q24h every 24 hours
q2-4h every two to four hours
q4h every four hours
q4-6h every four to six hours
q4° every four hours
q6° every six hours
qhs every night at bedtime
qid or q.i.d. four times a day
qod every other day
qpm every evening
q 8pm every day at 8 p.m.
qs or QS or Q.S. quantity sufficient
qt quart
QTY or qty quantity
qw every week, once a week
R rectum, rectally
RA rheumatoid arthritis
RF refill
Rx prescription
s without
SA sustained action
sc subcutaneous, under the skin
sig signa (directions for using a prescription)
SL or S.L. sublingual, under the tongue
SMZ-TMP sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim
SOB shortness of breath
SOD or sod sodium
sol or soln solution
sq subcutaneous, under the skin
SR sustained release
ss one half (½) (roman numeral)
stat now; immediately
subq subcutaneous, under the skin
sup or supp suppository
susp suspension
syr syrup
SYR syringe
tab tablet
tac or TAC triamcinolone
tud or TUD take as directed
tat or TAT until all taken
tbsp tablespoonful
TCN tetracycline
tiw or t.i.w. three times a week
TMP trimethoprim
top topical
tr timed-release
tsp teaspoonful
tud or TUD take as directed
U units
uad or UAD use as directed
uat or UAT until all taken
ud as directed
ut dict as directed
ung ointment
UTI urinary tract infection
V or v 5 (roman numeral)
vag vaginally
w/ with
w/o without
WA while awake
WH wheezing
wk week
wt weight
WZ wheezing
X or x 10 (roman numeral)
X or x times
x 1 RF times one refill
X 3 RF times three refills
XL extra long
XR extended release