Here are The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

We strive to answer your questions here in advance. If you do not see the question that is on your mind, contact us and we will answer you ASAP. Who knows, maybe your question will show up as a FAQ on this page! If you have the question, others will as well.

Should I trust Denali Rx?2023-04-30T12:04:26-04:00

The short answer is yes! The long answer is that we have been around for 15 years creating games and microlearning courses all centered around pharmacology. If you ever have a problem or an issue, it is our mission to do our best to fix it to your liking. We strive to provide excellent customer service. Our goal is to make you happy.

Do I get access to all of the content with a membership?2023-05-21T06:12:49-04:00

Yes you do! We have created many hundreds of games, and they are divided into easy-to-find categories. You select the topic most important to you at this moment. Then learn something new after that! Keep going until you have mastered the concepts. 

Where can I get support?2023-05-21T06:14:39-04:00

Click on the Contact Us button in the top menu and send us a message. We check it many times per day and strive to respond ASAP. Let us know what we can assist you with. We are here to help and believe in excellent customer service!

What kind of games are included?2023-05-21T06:17:06-04:00

Our  team has created a wide variety of games to help you learn. We have multiple choice, select all that apply, true and false, drag and drop, line it up, flashcards, and more! The games also come with rationales to explain why the correct answer is the right one. Rationales help you gain a deeper understanding of the concepts. 

Do you only have games on this site?2023-05-21T06:24:15-04:00

No! Of course games are a big part of our content, but we also have downloadable printouts to help you understand the concepts better. You can find those at the top of the pages of the different medication topics. We also create short videos explaining the concepts because some people learn better with videos. 

What if I have an idea for a game or tutoring video?2023-05-21T06:26:44-04:00

Great! We would love to hear about it and hopefully create the content you are looking for. We can usually it get it done in a few days if the topic matches what we do here. Just use the Contact Us form and let us know your idea!

How do I cancel my membership?2023-05-21T06:28:21-04:00

It's easy and we completely understand that a person's need to learn pharmacology comes and goes over the semesters at school and while starting a career in the medical field. Simply __________.

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